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    Remembering Roger Garrett


    Roger Garrett, a TAL Board Director who died unexpectedly, is remembered by some of our leaders as a generous and supportive advisor, confidant and mentor in the life insurance industry.

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    TAL wins 2014 SMSF Life Insurance Provider Award


    TAL has won the SMSF Adviser magazine award for 2014 SMSF Insurance Provider of the year.

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    Explaining the benefits of life insurance


    TAL Life CEO Brett Clark wants to see the life insurance industry do a better job of explaining the benefits of financial protection rather than 'normalising' underinsurance inthe minds of consumers.

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    Reflections on the life insurance industry


    TAL Group CEO Jim Minto reflects on the history of the life insurance industry, current issues and trends, the importance of being customer focussed and on his own professional journey.

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    Better outcomes for customers and employees


    TAL Chief Financial Officer Kent Griffin writes that when Australia’s leading life insurance specialist, TAL, made the decision to re-locate its Sydney and Melbourne offices, flexible work-practices and modern work-places were designed to help better align systems, processes and a new functional structure to promote a workplace culture around delivering exceptional customer experience.

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    The TAL claims philosophy


    Did you know that here at TAL our commitment to delivering a market-leading customer experience sees us put our customers at the centre of everything we do. This philosophy is most evident at those times when you need us most – when you need to make a claim.

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    Helping manage life insurance claims


    Affinia Financial Services (backed by TAL) General Manager Craig Parker writes that with people increasingly needing their life insurance products as evidenced by the rise in the number of claims, this presents an opportunity for financial advisers/planners to play a claims advocacy role for customers.

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    Why financial advisers no longer own their clients


    Affinia Financial Services (backed by TAL) General Manager Craig Parker writes that contrary to what some adviser believe, the client owns the client: the client is not "owned" by the adviser, the dealer group or the broker.

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