Royal Flying Doctor Service

Proud National Major Partner.

As a leading Life Insurance specialist, we're proud to be a national major partner of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (External link) (RFDS),  one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world. Because together we can do even more.

It’s all about people helping people

Australians can’t help but help. It’s built into our collective DNA. When someone needs a hand, we help out. It seems so obvious it’s almost not worth saying, but in many parts of the world it isn’t so.

In fact, 19%* of us regularly volunteer our time to help others. It’s a characteristic born out of necessity. You can’t survive in this country, with it’s harsh weather, dangerous wildlife and, most of all, extreme remoteness, without helping one another.

Our new campaign with the Royal Flying Doctors brings this community spirit to life, showing how far people go out of their way to help - everyday people, like the Royal Flying Doctor Service, or our TAL staff, who go out of their way to help our customers.

*Source: Volunteering Australia, 2016 Census 

The story behind the story

To film our latest campaign we headed out to Baradine, a small town in regional NSW where we got to know the local community and hear how the RFDS keeps them living the lives they love.

Meet Darren Beveridge and Phil Hensby, two Baradine locals that star in our latest campaign. They share their personal stories  with us below about why the RFDS is so important to them and other remote communities like Baradine.

‘When I heard it pop I just knew it was my neck’

When I heard what sounded like two gunshots go off in the back of my neck, I thought I would never walk again. In fact I thought I was a goner.

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Darren Beveridge's story May 16, 2018

Why Phil never minds being woken up at 3am

You get to the airstrip, set the lights, call the hospital - I have spent many cold nights out there at 3am freezing while waiting.

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Phil Hensby's story May 16, 2018

Working to make a real difference for all Australians 

Our partnership with the RFDS will enable us to help Australians access life-improving medical services and expertise, as well as educate people in rural and regional Australia about health.

By combining our knowledge and expertise with the RFDS,  we will work to make a real difference to each other and the Australian families we protect.

The partnership aligns with the three focus areas of our TAL Community Foundation: children from disadvantaged backgrounds; Indigenous communities; and mental health.

Both TAL and RFDS have proud histories of being there for Australians when they need us most and we share a focus on finding innovative ways to make a real difference.

27000 SpotChecker checks icon

TAL SpotChecker: taking skin checks right around the country

We are committed to helping Australians stay sun safe all year round. Together, RFDS and TAL aim to provide 27,000 Australians across the country with a free professional skin check by the end of 2018.

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The Royal Flying Doctor Service

You can help keep the Flying Doctor flying

Without the RFDS, many Australians in remote and regional areas would be unable to continue living the lives they love in their communities.

As a not-for-profit aeromedical organisation, the RFDS relies on donations to help them keep providing the best aeromedical service in the world.

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