Life Insurance for the adrenaline junkie

2017 -

Work hard and play harder. Life is there to be enjoyed, and with the right cover you can let your sense of adventure run wild. 

Our passions are what we live for. They help define our character, connect us with like-minded individuals, provide an often-needed release, and of course, are plenty of fun.

For those of us who enjoy adventure sports, we know all too well that the elation that comes from an adrenaline hit is like no other. And while you might now be your family's main bread-winner, that doesn't mean you need to stop chasing those highs.

Don't hold back

In a nutshell, participating in Adventure Sports means sports, pastimes or activities carries an inherently higher risk of death or injury to the participant.

Adding this cover to your Life Insurance  means that you may not have to sit on the sidelines while your friends have all the fun.

Keep fishing off the rocks at your favourite headland. Sit up in the cockpit of a seaplane and get a bird's eye view of Sydney Harbour. Get white knuckle fever and climb the Blue Mountains. Or, take the road less travelled and ski off-piste in the Perisher Valley.

Other adventure sports that you can be covered for include motor sports, skydiving, hang gliding, and water sports such as jet skiing, surfing and scuba diving, plus many, many more. Keep in mind this is subject to any Special Conditions in your Policy Schedule.

Finding the right cover

Having the right Adventure Sports Cover can provide you and/or your family a lump sum payment if you die as a result of an adventure sport.

Adventure Sports Cover is basically an extension of Accident Cover, which means you must also hold Accident Cover. But it usually only a little more, depending on factors such as your age, gender and occupation.

The cost of your cover is determined by how much you want to be covered for – the cover amount you can apply for ranges from $100,000 to $1,500,000.

Adventure Sports Cover and Accident Cover, along with Illness Cover, are the three types of cover available under the umbrella of a TAL Life Insurance policy.

Take the plunge to reduce your risk

When you look back on your life you'll want to know that you did everything you could to support your family and give them the best possible chance in life. But as an adrenaline junkie, you'll also want to know that you left no mountain bike-trail stone unturned, quite possibly with your loved ones by your side.

So dust off the GoPro and show your family that life isn't all about putting your shoulder to the wheel – it can also be about strapping yourself in behind one.

How much will Life Insurance cost?

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Whatever your passions, TAL has you covered. Find out more about Adventure Sports Cover.

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