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Helping you live a better life through good health

We all approach life a little differently and that’s what makes this Australian life so precious and unique. That’s why, as a leading life insurer, we provide you with an evidence-based and holistic health and wellbeing proposition.

TAL Health for Life is here to protect and support your wellbeing at every stage of your health journey - including before you claim, when you claim and during your claim. We offer expert and targeted programs and services to help you balance your physical, mental and financial wellbeing. We provide the right support when you’re sick or injured and we help you reach your best possible health and work outcomes during your claim so you can get more from life.


Our unique approach to health

Health for Life 
Health for Life 

Supporting healthy living before you claim, when you claim and during your claim 

1. Healthy living

We want to ensure you enjoy the very best of this Australian life. Our focus is on helping you become aware of your health blind spots and encourage you to be proactive about your health. We do this by providing you access to health education, tools and preventative checks to keep you living a healthy life.

How we support healthy living:

  • Better understand your mental health with Headlight, our online tool.
  • Discover our TAL Health Sense, a program to enhance the health and wellbeing of Australians.
  • Find out more about sun safety and early detection with TAL SpotChecker.
  • Get medical advice easily through our partner telehealth service ‘Doctors on Demand'. 

2. Claims support

Sometimes the unexpected can happen, which means you might need to make a claim with us. When you do our Claims team will assess and pay your claim quickly and fairly and enable support tools and services to provide individualised options to boost physical and mental health.

How we support you at claim time:

  • Find peace of mind with a dedicated Claims Consultant and inhouse health professionals who will give personal support and guide you through your claim. 
  • Access to tailored support services including grief support, cancer support and more.
  • Explore health guides and other content to help you deal with both the physical and emotional side of life.

3. Empowering recovery

We take a personalised approach to recovery, ensuring you get the support you need to reach your best possible state of health after you are sick or injured. And when you’re ready, we can connect you to support services that reflect your health and work goals.

How we empower your recovery:

  • Our coaches are here to guide you through a return-to-work plan, pain and exercise management, financial and mental health and more.
  • Connect with individuals who have experienced similar injuries or illnesses, gaining insights into their recovery.
  • Find local support services and information specific to your health condition with
    TAL Health Connector.


Doctors on Demand

We understand how important timely healthcare is for you and your well-being. That is why we have partnered with Doctors on Demand, a leading telehealth service, that provides easy access to medical professionals when you need them. 

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