Our Life Story

Our journey to become a leading Life Insurance specialist.

TAL's history

We’re proud of our origins, starting way back in 1869 with the creation of the Government Life Insurance Office in New Zealand.  Since then, we’ve grown significantly. And today, we insure over 4 million Australians and their families. Here’s our story so far.


It begins in New Zealand. The Government Life Insurance Office is created there and quickly develops an outstanding reputation as a specialist life insurer.

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Our journey continues in Australia. The Government Life Insurance Office is renamed TOWER and enters Australia with the purchase of Adriatic Life Insurance. They have expertise from their base in Europe, and bring more ways for customers to buy.

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TOWER increases their reach by purchasing Friends Provident Life Assurance. The financial futures of more Australians can be protected by offering tailored solutions through more advisers.


TOWER becomes a force in the industry with the purchase of FAI Life. This positions TOWER within the top tier of insurers in the Australian market.


TOWER expands how their customers’ insurance can be structured with the purchase of PrefSure Life Limited, looking after thousands of Australians via their super. Soon after, TOWER Australia is born. The business separates from TOWER New Zealand and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


TOWER Australia purchases Insuranceline, giving more Australians direct access to life insurance options. 


TOWER Australia leaves the ASX to become TAL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dai-ichi Life Group. This cements our position as Australia's specialist voice of life insurance.



TAL launches the Affinia dealer group to provide a home for risk-specialist advisers.


TAL acquires Lifebroker, to support consumer choice and a competitive life insurance market.


TAL’s current CEO, Brett Clark, is appointed after almost 10 years with the business.


TAL reaches the milestone of paying over $1 billion in claims in a year, living true to our promise to protect the lifestyles of Australians.


Today, we have over 3.7 million customers across the country. And around 1600 team members, dedicated to protecting this Australian life.  

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