Corporate Governance

Our governance approach shapes our business culture.

How we work

Our approach to corporate governance goes far beyond compliance. It’s grounded in our promises to customers, communities, employees and partners. And shapes our business culture for the long term.

Our Risk Management Strategy

This guides how we manage and report on risks. It’s regularly reviewed to make sure it’s as effective and relevant as possible. And it means our business activities are always aligned to the board’s risk tolerance.  

Our Risk Management Declaration

The TAL Board gives the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) an annual Risk Management Declaration, to confirm that TAL Life Limited has relevant risk management systems in place. Also, our annual financial statements and statistical returns are externally audited.

Customer feedback and dispute resolution

It’s important to us to deal with complaints and feedback as efficiently as possible. So we’ve developed a customer complaint and feedback process which manages all feedback within agreed timeframes. 

We’re also a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), which provides an external dispute resolution service that is free of charge to consumers.

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The best of local and global expertise

We’ve leveraged the knowledge of our global partners and combined it with our local expertise. So while we’re owned by Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Limited, our corporate governance processes remain consistent with APRA-regulated companies. 

We’ve also retained our independently-chaired board (with a majority of independent directors) and our constituted audit and remuneration committees. 

To fulfil the promises that we make to our customers, we comply with applicable laws and regulations. And we manage our regulatory affairs with subject matter experts, who work with industry bodies (including the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia and the Financial Services Council) to promote our customers’ best interests.

In other words, our approach to corporate governance is all about protecting people, not things.

Reporting misconduct

TAL is committed to doing the right thing and promoting a culture of honest and ethical behaviour. TAL takes all reports of misconduct extremely seriously and utilises a confidential externally-managed service to receive Whistleblowing disclosures. All reports received will be investigated thoroughly. 

Please note the Whistleblowing process is not intended to replace the existing Disputes Resolution process. Customers who wish to raise a complaint regarding TAL’s products or services should follow the Dispute Resolution process. 

If you wish to report misconduct at TAL, you can do so by utilising TAL’s confidential and externally-managed TAL Whistleblower service.

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