Accelerated Protection

Protect what matters most in your life.

Introducing Accelerated Protection

Having the right kind of life insurance gives you and your family more power to make life plans, and more confidence that you can achieve them.

Our life insurance offering is called TAL Accelerated Protection. It features a comprehensive and broad range of options that can be tailored to your life, whether your needs are straight-forward or complicated, as an individual or business owner.

You can mix and match the Accelerated Protection range of options to fit in with your life plans, now and for later.

Types of cover

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a lump-sum payment to look after your loved ones if you die, or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

People often consider how much they have left to pay off their mortgage and their other debts, their children's future education costs and the lifestyle they want their loved ones to have if they pass away.

Critical Illness

Having a serious illness is something many of us will experience. Critical Illness insurance is a lump-sum payment to help support you after an insured illness such as malignant cancer, severe heart attack or stroke that results in neurological deficit.

When considering Critical Illness insurance people often think about their level of private health insurance and Income Protection, and how much they need to live if they can't work, to maintain their standard of living while they recover.

Accelerated Protection also offers comprehensive Child’s Critical Illness cover which will give you choices to take time off work to focus on family. And Female Critical Illness cover which is tailored for women by covering a number of female-specific medical risks.

Income Protection Insurance

Many Australians don’t consider protecting their ability to earn the income that funds their life and those of their families. How long could you afford to cover your expenses and maintain your lifestyle without draining your savings?

Income Protection Insurance can provide you with a benefit to replace your loss of income, if you can’t work due to a sickness or injury, to help with your living expenses.
Income Protection Insurance premiums are generally tax deductible, however claim payments are subject to income tax.

Income Protection Insurance provides a replacement income to help you and your family meet the cost of living. It can be tailored depending on your time of life, expenses and income.

Note: Benefit and waiting periods apply.

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

If you become permanently disabled and can’t work again, your life choices become very limited. TPD Insurance gives you a lump-sum payment to improve your quality of life, if you suffer permanent disability that either prevents you ever working again, or results in you being unable to perform some of the important activities of daily living.

When considering TPD Insurance people often think about: how much they’ll need to live on, medical expenses and what help or family assistance is needed.

Archive documents

Archive documents

Disclosure documents of off-sale products can be found on our Archive page. If you're unable to find what you're looking for please give us a call.

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