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Most of us wouldn’t think twice about going to a mechanic for our car, or to a doctor to talk about our health. But when it comes to personal finance, up to 80% of Australians have never seen a financial adviser.

A financial adviser is a qualified professional who works with you face-to-face, to assess your financial situation and identify your goals. By knowing where you want to go in life, an adviser can provide strategic advice and design a wealth creation plan to help you get there.  

Of course, your plan for the future is only as good as your ability to pay for it. So a financial adviser will also research the market and find the right life insurance for you, to protect the life you’ve planned for.


They can also provide tailored recommendations on:

  • the right amount of cover for your lifestyle;
  • the best way to structure your policy;
  • whether to have insurance cover inside or outside of super;
  • high cover requirements for people with significant financial obligations;
  • how to navigate the underwriting process; and
  • what to do at claims time.

As part of their ongoing relationship with you, a financial adviser can also conduct an annual review of your life insurance, to check if your insurance products and level of cover still match your lifestyle. Access to financial advice in Australia, ASIC, Report 224, December 2010.