TAL CEO calls for deeper customer relationships as part of ‘future of better health’ event

2019 -

TAL, a leading Australian life insurance specialist, has identified partnering with customers in their own health as one of the fundamental opportunities for life insurers and their partners to add greater value for their stakeholders into the future.

Speaking at TAL’s ‘Future of Better Health’ event recently, TAL Group CEO and Managing Director, Brett Clark said the life insurance market is undergoing rapid structural change to better support customers and community expectations.

“The life insurance market in Australia is undergoing a once-in-a-generation change – and within that there also lies a once-in-a-generation opportunity,” Mr Clark said.

“We have an opportunity to step back and reassess the value we provide to our customers, and in doing so, to redefine the relationship we collectively have with them to ensure it is meaningful, valuable and valued today and into the future.”

“We’re committed to working with our superannuation fund and financial adviser partners to provide greater value for their members and clients, in a way that enhances their own relationships.” 

“Our industry is one which has its roots in mutuality, and the principles which underpin that – community, customers first, shared interest, collective benefit and alignment – remain as important and relevant as ever.”

“The challenge is to bring those values to life for our shared customers in a contemporary way, and for us, an important and obvious starting point is supporting them in better health through both the good times and bad.”

The ‘Future of Better Health’ event brought together representatives from TAL’s partners across superannuation, financial advice and beyond to look at the role both innovation and greater understanding are playing in TAL’s approach to supporting customers to live their best life through better health.

The event included a panel discussion on the topic featuring two of Australia’s pre-eminent experts and authorities in their respective areas - Chief Clinical Officer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, Professor Michael Boyer; and Nick Glozier, Professor of Psychological Medicine at University of Sydney – both members of TAL’s Specialist Medical Advisory Board.

Also on the panel were four time Olympian and mental health advocate, Libby Trickett and Designer and TV personality Barry Du Bois who talked to his own health experiences in his fight against a rare form cancer, alongside TAL’s General Manager of Health Services, Dr Sally Phillips.

Mr Clark said the event was an opportunity to bring together many of the valued partners TAL works with across every part of the business, to look at how – together with TAL – greater ongoing value can be delivered to Australians through a focus on their better health.

Content excerpts from the panel discussion around ‘shaping better futures through mental wellbeing’, and ‘better health through personalised and holistic health’ can be viewed at TAL’s ‘Future of Better Health’ page here.

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