TAL completes third summer of national skin check initiative

2019 -

TAL, a leading Australian life insurance specialist, has completed the third year of its national skin check initiative, TAL SpotChecker, providing 1,391 free skin checks across Australia.

Building on the success of the previous two years, TAL SpotChecker aims to get more people talking about and committing to regular skin checks to bridge the gap on both awareness and action and help save more lives. 

TAL SpotChecker visited five states over the summer, providing 296 skin checks from specialist skin cancer doctors at Bondi Beach, 256 at Surfer’s Paradise, 301 at Cottesloe Beach, 276 at West Beach in Adelaide and 262 at St Kilda Beach. 

TAL General Manager, Health Services, Dr Sally Phillips, said TAL SpotChecker was launched to help tackle an issue that is facing the entire nation, with skin cancer being one of Australia’s most common cancers.

“We know that early detection can literally save a life, which is why we’re continuing to raise awareness around the importance of skin safety. 

“We’re pleased to have provided a total of 3,402 free skin checks since launching TAL SpotChecker. This year, we were also able to reach and empower thousands more to check their skin through our partnership with Firstcheck – an app that enables people to get a skin check through their smartphone.

“By using new technologies like Firstcheck, we’re able to scale initiatives such as TAL SpotChecker, to encourage and empower more Australians to embrace preventative health.

“With 1 in 5 of people checked at TAL SpotChecker this summer referred on for further testing, the need to educate people around skin safety is more apparent than ever. Through the TAL SpotChecker movement, we’re encouraging Australians to make a regular habit of self-checking their skin every few months in addition to having an annual professional skin check.”

TAL’s research at the beginning of summer revealed that 29% of Australians have never had a skin check at all, while nearly half (46.8%) of those who attended TAL SpotChecker this summer admitted it was their first time being professionally checked.

For more information, visit www.tal.com.au/tal-spotchecker.

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