TAL supports financial advisers with mental wellbeing course

2019 -

TAL, a leading Australian life insurance specialist, is launching a new course to help financial advisers to reflect on and improve their mental wellbeing.

Run through TAL’s industry leading Risk Academy, the course was developed by TAL’s Head of Mental Health, Glenn Baird. Glenn currently leads TAL’s mental health strategy and he has more than 14 years’ experience as a qualified psychotherapist, facilitator and trainer.

The mental wellbeing course focuses on explaining the fundamentals of mental wellbeing as well as providing advisers with evidence-based tips to improve their personal wellbeing and function at their best. The course also provides practical tools to help advisers support clients suffering from depression or anxiety.

TAL Head of Licensees and Partnerships, Beau Riley, said, “Mental wellbeing is an important topic for us all to be aware of as it affects how we think, feel and act every day.

“In the rapidly changing environment for financial advisers, it is clear stress levels are higher than in years past. Advisers are facing widespread reforms, scrutiny, compliance and higher education demands.

“It’s never been more important to support advisers both professionally and personally as best as we possibly can right now. TAL Risk Academy’s mental wellbeing course provides the opportunity for advisers to do some self-reflection on how they might apply the fundamentals of wellbeing into their own lives and in their businesses,” he said.

The mental wellbeing course was developed following a Professional Development day that Glenn Baird recently presented at with a group of financial advisers at Synchron, an Australian financial advice group.

Commenting on the day, Synchron Executive Director, John Prossor, said, “The presentation by Glenn on mental wellbeing was the highlight of our recent Professional Development days. Those in attendance really enjoyed Glenn’s practical and relevant suggestions and the way he used his personal experiences to help bring his tips to life. 

“Our advisers are going through challenging times and we came away from his presentation with a clear guide on how to focus on enhancing our personal wellbeing. The topic is incredibly important and so many advisers need help in this area right now.”

The TAL Risk Academy mental wellbeing course launches on 4 September. For more information or to enroll in the course, advisers can visit: https://adviser.tal.com.au/risk-academy.

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