TAL appoints new Head of Mental Health

2017 -

TAL, Australia’s leading life insurance specialist, today announced the appointment of Glenn Baird to the newly created role of TAL Head of Mental Health.

The appointment is in line with TAL’s wider health strategy, which aims to expand TAL’s ability to understand, manage and support the mental, physical and financial health of its people and its customers.

Commenting on the appointment, TAL General Manager for Health Services, Dr Sally Phillips, said: “We are exceptionally delighted to have someone of Glenn’s calibre join us in this pivotal and industry leading role.

“Mental health is an important focus for TAL and a driving force behind our creation of Glenn’s role. Mental health represents the second largest category of claims after cancer and it is a growing theme in society and in our customers’ lives. It’s important that we have the right expertise to make objective decisions, reflecting evolving medical best practice, and give our customers the very best support.

“Glenn will drive TAL’s mental health strategy both internally and externally, working with TAL’s broader Health Services team and multiple mental health groups to encourage the health and wellbeing of TAL’s people and of all Australians. This will include advising on both the prevention and return to health of customers suffering from mental health illnesses.

“We have every confidence that Glenn’s skills and experience will make him ideally suited to the new role,” said Dr Phillips.

Mr Baird is a registered psychologist and an accredited trainer to various mental health stakeholder groups, such as Beyondblue and LivingWorks Australia, which work to address issues associated with depression, anxiety, related mental disorders, and suicide.

Prior to joining TAL, he was a Director at SportsLife iQ, a support and counseling group for elite athletes, where he developed and delivered training programs in the area of mental health and wellbeing.

Mr Baird commences the role today in TAL’s Sydney office.

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