TAL delivers a new way for Super Fund members to calculate Insurance Needs

TAL has developed a new animated calculator for group insurance members that will add a little fun when determining their insurance needs.

The new calculator has improved on the basic needs calculator with added animation and ease of use, enhancing the member experience in the process.

Head of Digital Jason Gracanin said the digital team worked with the TAL Design and Innovation area, along with partner Jade to combine the wider team’s talents to co-deliver a new way of engaging superfund members.

“Working within TAL, we are able to leverage the wider resource and talent pool to deliver these sorts of initiatives to our group clients. This is especially true of the use of the innovation lab where the latest digital service capabilities can be tested, while leveraging the existing Open-API algorithms used by the existing calculators ” Mr Gracanin said.

“The animated calculator is an advanced white label product that ensures we can create individual and tailored animation for any superfund.

“We are very excited to deliver this for our clients through the collaboration of the extended TAL team, supporting and delivering innovation and valued digital experiences for our group partners.

“Members have different needs and levels of understanding when thinking about their life insurance needs but by making the process more engaging and fun will allow more members to hopefully understand the value they can benefit from by having insurance,” Mr Gracanin said.

“We are committed to continually enhancing the member experience and working with our super fund clients to deliver digital experiences which contribute to delivering a positive impact with their members’ engagement strategies.”


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