TAL drives life insurance engagement with consumers through ‘The Value of You’ campaign

2019 -

TAL, a leading Australian life insurance specialist, has tackled one of the big challenges facing the life insurance industry with a content-led digital campaign aimed at engaging Australians with the value of the category and its products.

With many Australians struggling to see the benefits of life insurance products until it comes time to make a claim, TAL set out to reconnect audiences with their own value in order to remind them of the role those products play in their lives.

The campaign, titled ‘The Value of You’, took a human, insight-led creative approach to developing a suite of meaningful and emotionally engaging content, delivered in digital form, designed to connect Australians with value of the life insurance category.

TAL Chief Customer and Brand Officer, Alex Homer, said, “Life insurance plays an incredibly important role in the lives of millions of Australians, but it’s not always easy to convey the true value of the category and its products when compared to other forms of insurance. One reason for this is because the times at which customers need to claim are fewer, though often more significant in nature.

“’The Value of You’ was designed to tackle that challenge by revealing to people that their most valuable asset is – themselves – by enabling them to see their own value through the eyes of those they love most.

“Our metrics show that the ‘Value of You’ campaign played an important role in driving an uplift in category consideration, engaging millions of Australians across the country with their own value and connecting them with the important emotional contribution they make to the lives of their families and loved ones,” Mr Homer said.

The campaign consisted of two hero short films – supported by shortened versions of each – exploring the concept of value through the lens of street-cast, everyday Australians telling their loved ones how much they truly mean to them.

Taking the audience on an emotional journey mirroring that of the people featured in the films, the content asked people to look beyond the most obvious things on which they place value – their house, car and possessions – and ask themselves, “do you value you?”. 

The content was presented to relevant audiences through lifestage targeting across paid media, social and editorial, reaching a combined total of more than 14.2 million Australians.

Additionally, TAL commissioned research to examine the way Australians relate to their own worth. Using a series of multivariate statistical techniques including factor analysis, cluster analysis and regression analysis, an interactive tool was developed to enable consumers to reflect on the way they view their own personal value.

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