TAL focused on health for customers

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The role of health services and medicine is intrinsically embedded in the business of a life insurance company.  TAL is committed to the long term health and wellbeing of its customers, in addition to the financial support it provides.  TAL aims to evolve the end to end customer experience through new investment in health services capability.  

Justin Delaney, Chief Operating Officer said the health behaviours of Australians are changing and life insurers must have the right understanding and services to appropriately respond.

“We aim to improve the complete customer experience through improved medical and health capabilities – from improved insight and competencies of medical definitions in product design to enhanced customer rehabilitation and broader customer wellness initiatives.

“Creating new customer experiences is essential and we need to have future-facing thinking; evolving our health services is core to that proposition.  To drive these initiatives, we have appointed Dr Sally Phillips in a newly created role as GM for Health Services,” Mr Delaney said.

Dr Phillips is responsible for TAL’s health services proposition and works with multiple business teams, including innovation, marketing and distribution to support the development of our existing proposition and focus on the development of new market developments.

Dr Phillips has extensive experience in the life and medical industries and she brings a unique blend of medical and commercial experience from the Australian, UK and South African markets.

The synergy between health and life insurance will continue to strengthen and Dr Phillips will be pivotal in the evolving TAL’s Health Sense: Fit for Life proposition.  

“The life insurance sector clearly has a role to play in encouraging and rewarding healthy behaviours.  Our industry is changing and the benefits we provide are evolving to ensure people are given the best support to get back to living the life they want and achieving their desired lifestyle.  We believe Health Sense: Fit for Life will be a program that will make a difference in this space and it will evolve with new initiatives and tools with Dr Phillips having a significant input into this.

“TAL is delighted to have Dr Phillips join TAL and drive this important shift change in our business.”

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