TAL Health Sense Roadshows a good start to the day for Advisers

The TAL Health Sense: Fit for Life Roadshows kicked off in Brisbane on Friday 11 March to a full house over a healthy breakfast to start the day.

TAL General Manager, Retail Distribution Niall McConville said the program was launched earlier this year and was proving successful for advisers and their clients.

“TAL Health Sense is a simple lifetime discount that rewards clients for thinking sensibly about their health. Due to the simplicity of the initiative, advisers are having good conversations with their clients. Since we launched on 18 December 2015, over 70% of all new policies have received the benefits of the Health Sense discount”, Mr McConville said.

Recent TAL research reveals that 40% of people are comfortable talking about their physical fitness with their adviser.

“It is encouraging to see that Australians are happy to discuss their fitness with their advisers, giving advisers the confidence to have broader conversations with their clients about overall well-being. The TAL Health Sense discount rewards clients for being sensible with their health and the research tells us a good proportion of people are happy to have this conversation.

“Further, the results also tell us that 46% of people see a link between life insurance and healthy living. This is relatively new territory for the industry and it is encouraging to see that consumers are welcoming of the alignment”.

Bringing health conversations with clients alive at the Roadshows is leading Executive Performance Coach at The Body-Brain Performance Institute, Paul Taylor.

Paul takes advisers on the health journey and how they can have meaningful discussions with their clients, as well as potentially improve their own health.

Brisbane Based Lea Schodel is a wealth coach who complements her financial advice with principles of mindfulness, yoga and wellbeing. Lea has been able to incorporate yoga into other areas of people’s lives, such as managing their money.

“Not speaking about wealth in purely money terms but broadening the conversations I have to health, wellness and yoga has helped open up a market of people who might otherwise find money matters boring are now seeking my services,” Ms Schodel said.

“I’ve seen a shift from the traditional adviser model to a life or wealth coach – someone to create accountability in people’s lives. I’ve found it’s where we can add real value for our clients and show them how to use money as a resource for their wellbeing.”

Mr McConville said he was pleased with the engagement and attendance levels to the TAL Health Sense Roadshows.

“We are looking forward to taking this information to other states over the coming weeks. These are important conversations because they put the client at the centre of the conversation and look at their overall lifestyle – which is what advisers and life insurers look to build and protect.”

Notes on TAL Health Sense: Fit for Life
  • TAL Health Sense provides an automatic discount of 7.5% for eligible Accelerated Protection clients who fit within a specific BMI range and up to 15% with bundled products.
  • The program doesn’t require clients to sign-up, pay, track or record to get access to the Health Sense discount. It is a discount for life and there is no need for annual check-ups
  • The TAL Health Sense: Fit for Life program will continue to evolve with initiatives and other health metrics but will remain simple for clients to be encouraged and rewarded for good health.


About Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor is Executive Performance Coach at The Body-Brain Performance Institute. He is a former British Navy Aircrew Officer, an Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist and Research Professor at The University of San Francisco.

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Head of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability
T: 02 9448 9224, 0439 517 496
E: Natalie.kitchen@tal.com.au

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