TAL improves identification process for Group Insurance members

2016 -

TAL’s new identification process has streamlined verification for members, saving them time and reducing paperwork. Utilising the governments’ Document Verification Service (DVS), members can now efficiently validate their identity documents when dealing with their insurance matters.

DVS enables authorised enterprises to validate identification material directly with the issuing organisation. Head of Digital Jason Gracanin, said the DVS is a great government service which enables TAL to improve the member experience by removing the need to get physical copies of identification if they can be validated via DVS.

“It’s very time consuming to have documents physically verified by a JP, even more so when completing an application online, to then have to send something physically in the post. DVS enables quicker submission time frames and total online lodgement, improving the security and timeliness of identification. It’s a full digital experience for members and improves the processing time by days.

“Though in its early stages, the efficiency and member experience opportunities this presents are exciting. We plan to progressively roll out the integration service when opportunities arise, particularly as we continue to evolve our digital offerings.”
The service will initially be implemented with TAL’s online claims forms for group members, with plans to extend this service where it makes sense to improve the member experience.

“We are always looking for opportunities to improve and enhance the services TAL provides to its partners and their members, advisers, employers and stakeholders. We will continue to lead change in dealing with members on their terms and with experiences they expect not just from an insurer, but from any organisation they deal with in their daily life,” Mr Gracanin said.

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