TAL makes cover upgrade easy for clients

Media Release -

Driving efficiencies for advisers and their clients remains a key part of the TAL Commitments initiative launched in July of last year.

TAL is excited to launch an industry first, “Cover Upgrade Express” (CUE) which provides customers with the ability to increase their Life insurance, TPD insurance and Illness insurance quickly through a benefit feature called Guaranteed Future Insurability (GFI).

TAL General Manager, Retail Distribution Niall McConville said the new service allows clients to upgrade their cover online without underwriting and take advantage of the GFI benefit feature of their policy.

GFI allows policies to be increased following life events like buying a house, finishing a post-graduate degree or having a child. In fact, there are ten events that will enable clients to exercise this option. What makes TAL’s Cover Upgrade Express unique in the market is that there is no paperwork. It is an easy self-service online process. Most importantly, clients are notified of their eligibility at policy renewal time and can action their upgrade without new evidence of health or pastimes,” Mr McConville said.

Cover Upgrade Express provides an easy way for advisers to look after their existing clients.

Advisers know the lives of their clients change and evolve, as do their insurance needs. This is an efficient service for advisers, cutting out additional paperwork for advisers and their clients.

We appreciate the relationship between an adviser and a client is unique. What is right for one client might not necessarily be the best service proposition for another. Advisers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to which of their clients will benefit from the self-directed model of Cover Upgrade Express.

Cover Upgrade Express will be available for eligible Accelerated Protection Policy customers under 55 years of age.

Cover Upgrade Express is the latest initiative as part of commitment to advisers through the TAL Commitments. Since launching in July last year, TAL has delivered six completed projects to advisers with many more in the pipeline,” Mr McConville said.

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