TAL offers advisers and licensees additional mental health insights and support through TAL Risk Academy

2021 -

Leading Australian life insurance specialist, TAL, is launching a series of live and on-demand content to support licensees and financial advisers to manage and enhance their own mental health, alongside their clients’ personal and mental wellbeing, at a time when the advice industry is facing considerable change.

Contributing to the important discussions currently being had on mental health in line with Mental Health Month, the series will be run through TAL’s industry-leading education program, TAL Risk Academy, and will be delivered jointly by TAL Head of Mental Health, Glenn Baird, alongside Lifeline Australia Head of Crisis Services and Quality, Rachel Bowes, and Mantle Health co-founder, Dave Burroughs.

They will focus on providing insights and tips around the appropriate support for a grieving person, helping advisers hone their empathy skills to enable deeper engagement with clients, and building greater understanding around the importance of self-care so they can continue to provide quality support to clients and engage effectively. In addition, the content will provide licensees with practical tools and tips to support their advisers, and themselves.

TAL Head of Mental Health, Glenn Baird, said, “With the combination of industry change in the advice sector and the current challenges across Australia and around the world, the importance of maintaining mental health has never been more important.

“This significance is magnified when you consider the role a financial adviser plays in the life and wellbeing of their clients – to effectively support the mental health and overall wellbeing of their clients they must be engaged with their own mental health.

“As a specialist life insurer with an in-house Health Services Team, TAL is committed to playing an active role in enhancing the advice sector’s level of understanding and knowledge around mental health. The TAL Risk Academy mental wellbeing courses are designed to inspire positive change by equipping advisers and licensees with the tools and services to adapt to the evolving mental health landscape and start supportive conversations to help them better connect with their clients.”

Commenting on the importance of this topic for advisers and their clients, Lifeline Australia’s Rachel Bowes said, “Recognising that the financial advice industry is going through a challenging period, we worked with TAL Risk Academy to develop a course that supports advisers, especially when engaging with clients at a difficult time. Positive communication skills are invaluable when it comes to sensitive topics such as mental health; that’s why we are encouraging advisers and licensees alike to keep up their education and engagement in this space.”

To enrol in the mental health classes, advisers can visit the TAL Adviser Centre or reach out to their local TAL Sales representative.

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