Investing in Health

We want all Australians to live their best life through good health.

We’re working to improve the health and wellbeing of everybody during the good times. But we know that things can get tough, so when they do, we’ll support our customers during their time of need.  

Your health is important to you, that's why it's important to us

Our focus on health begins long before your cover does and continues throughout your journey with us. Once your cover starts, we work with you, offering preventative measures to help keep you well and assisting you at times of ill health through a range of support offerings.

A few ways of how we're committed to helping Australians living a healthy and full life include: 

TAL SpotChecker

We aim to help more Australians understand the importance of skin safety through our national skin check program.

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Preventative health

We're encouraging Australians to look after themselves by getting regular health checks and screenings.

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Beyond paying claims

We’re committed to supporting our customers’ when they need it most, with their recovery and return to best possible state of health.

Our dedicated claim and health teams take a personalised approach to each and every person. We will do whatever we can to get our customers the best support that suits their needs.

When they’re ready, we can connect our customers with support that’s right for their health and return to work situation. We also work together with their team – whether that be medical specialists, carers or employers.

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Partnering with the medical community

We created our in-house Health Services team in 2016. With experience in medical, mental and preventative health, management of chronic conditions, dietary advice, musculoskeletal and occupational therapy, the expertise in the team reflects our customer’s major health concerns.

We’re proud to be the only insurer with an external Medical Specialist Advisory Board, ensuring we stay at the forefront of medical thinking for the benefit of our community and partnerships.

The Board shares updates on medical advancements and clinical protocols to help us reflect on the latest medical best practice in our approach to product design, underwriting and claims.


We recently brought together leading health experts and high-profile Australians to discuss their expertise and personal experiences, and what a future of better health looks like to them.

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Our focus on mental health

As one of the top reasons for claim we are focused on leading the way in identifying, preventing and treating mental health conditions.

We’re committed to helping our customers with mental health conditions access the best possible support and one of the ways we do this is by facilitating access to mental health support through partnerships with the external health community.

Mental health partnerships

We don't have all the answers that's why we partner with those that do so you can have access to health experts.

The University of Sydney

With the University of Sydney, we’re working to explore alternative risk predictors of mental health disorders

King's College London

We partnered with Professor Neil Greenberg, Professor of Defence Mental Health at King’s College London, to foster best practice management of traumatic stress among claims case managers, other associated partners and medical professionals

Remedy Healthcare

Our partnership with Remedy Healthcare offers optional, free-of-charge life coaching services to customers on Income Protection claims due to depression or anxiety

Super Friend

With SuperFriend, we work to ensure that we’re using the best, evidence-based practice in managing the wellbeing of our customers and our people

Are we looking at the way we manage our health the wrong way around?

When it comes to health, it’s easy to find ourselves looking for treatments and cures only when faced with illness. But what if we could be doing more before that ever occurs?

Are we looking at the way we manage our health the wrong way around?
Preventative Health August 15, 2018

Proactive steps to protect your mental health

Taking proactive steps to protect your mental health will always pay off. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your mental health.

Proactive steps to protect your mental health
Protect your mental health October 15, 2018

Health Resources

Supporting you and your best health

If you’ve suffered an illness or injury, recovery can take time. We understand what you may be experiencing so we have created a series of booklets and fact sheets to help support you get back to your best health. 

Created by our Health Services team together with the help of expert organisations, they're easy to follow and provide clear information and practical tools and techniques to manage various conditions.

Our recognition starts with people

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