Do you underestimate your own value?

The New Year is a chance to spend quality time to catch up with friends and family, as well as take time to reflect on the year ahead and what truly matters to you. 

If someone were to ask you, “what is your most valuable asset?”, how would you answer? 

For many Australians, the first thing that comes to mind is material possessions like houses, cars and financials. But could it be that we are looking at value the wrong way? 

What if the most valuable asset we have is actually ourselves, but we just don’t see it?

Understanding our own value and how much the people in our lives value us can be hard – we constantly find ourselves benchmarking our lives against others, looking at their achievements and comparing them to our own. 

We work hard, and we spend our money on things we need and things we enjoy – items, experiences and assets as we believe they will contribute positively to our lives.  But for many of us, it’s often the intangibles such as providing emotional support, caring for your family, and being there during big or even small moments that we actually find most important.

Yet these are also the things that are often overlooked when we consider our own value. 

To explore the concept of value further, we asked Australians a seemingly simple question: “what is the most valuable asset you have given your children?”

We found that, more often than not, those parents pointed to things with financial value – their child’s education, their first car and even their first plane ticket.

But when we asked their children the same question, they told us that as valuable as those material things were for them, it was the things you can’t put a price on like the care, support and guidance their parents provided that they valued the most.

It seems that when we reflect on the influence we have on the lives of others, there is a disconnect in our understanding of our own self-worth and the value we provide to those we love most.

Because of this disconnect, we tend to overlook the importance of protecting ourselves and we can underestimate the impact this would have on our loved ones. 

But we often want the best for them which is why having the right insurances in place, such as Life Insurance, can help you and your loved ones keep living the life you planned, should the unplanned happen. 

So, ask yourself a question - do you value you?  

We know everybody views value differently, so we’ve created a personal value test to help you better understand the way you view your own value.

Visit our Value of You page to take the test.

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