How our cover gets you back to living life

Every Australian’s life is unique. For some people, a broken arm means a week off work, then a cast everyone in the office signs. For other people, a broken arm means they can never do their usual occupation again.

How does insurance fit into this? It’s true that you or a loved one may receive money after an unfortunate event. But sometimes you need more support than that.

If our customers need extra assistance getting back to their careers, we’re there to help ease them back into the workforce, to set them on another direction of their choosing, or to help them clarify what they really want.

Our rehabilitation services are our commitment to protecting your lifestyle.

How we make it easier to get back to work

It depends on you. Some people will benefit from an exercise plan, to get their bodies working the best they can. Based on your injury or illness, your needs and your schedule, we can help put together a routine to get you back in fighting form.

Or, we’ll give you suggestions on your workplace equipment, and how to use it with your long-term health in mind.

We know the importance of mental wellness. Coming back to work from a long holiday can be an adjustment, so coming back after an injury or illness can be much harder.

Depending on what you’re comfortable with, our coaches can help you with breathing exercises, advise on how to focus and limit disruptions, or work with you to establish short-term or long-term goals.

We can help if your usual job isn’t right for you anymore

An injury or illness may mean you can’t do your usual job anymore, or, your time off has made you re-evaluate your life. You may choose to pursue a different kind of career.

We understand this reality, so we’re here to help. It could be a matter of assistance with job interview preparation, or with ideas for different career pathways based on your experience.

You may need extra training or qualifications to pursue a new career, so we can provide support. We also keep in contact with you, to help you stay motivated to reach your goals. 

This is a part of insurance with TAL, and all about giving you the freedom to enjoy life. See our claims stories  about how our rehabilitation services got two Australians back on their career paths.


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