Taking control of your life insurance

Insurance is just one part of your busy life. But it’s a plan to look after your lifestyle or the lifestyle of your loved ones – so it makes sense to keep on top of it. It’s also easier than ever to do. Here are some simple ways you can take control of your life insurance.

Register on our online portal for convenient access   

We’ve created an online portal so you can manage your cover when it suits you. If you like to make the most of your daylight hours or prefer to get things done while commuting, our portal gives you 24/7 access so you can be across your cover details at any time.

Get more done on the go 

You can pay your premiums, request statements, request a certificate of currency or keep us posted on your new address. On-demand access means it fits in with your life, not the other way around.

And with a clear view of the state of your insurance cover at your fingertips, you can make more informed decisions.

Check-in with your life insurance as your life grows and changes  

If you change jobs, get married, buy a house, retire or have a new baby on the way, your lifestyle (and insurance needs) are bound to change. 

Through the portal, you can check your current level of cover and policy details to see if it’s a match for where you are in life. Also, if you have a new partner you may want to update your beneficiaries. 

With anytime online access, you can always be sure about who a lump-sum life insurance payment would go to if you’re not around. 

See how it feels to take control

With online access you can always make sure your insurance is up-to-date, and feel confident that in case of the unexpected, you’ve got a plan in place. 

Take the first step, by accessing our online portal.


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