TAL launches learning platform for superfund partners

2017 -

TAL, Australia’s leading life insurance specialist, today announced the launch of TAL Insurance Academy, a new learning platform for TAL’s superfund partners.

Created by TAL’s technical experts, TAL Insurance Academy initially launches with ten interactive modules designed to help superfund partners understand key aspects of group insurance, plus content covering common health issues faced by members. 

TAL’s General Manager of Group Insurance, Jenny Oliver, said, “As a group life insurer, our purpose is to help our superfund partners provide the best possible experience for their members. One of the ways we are doing this is by sharing our insurance expertise and exchanging insights.

“Developed in consultation with partners, TAL Insurance Academy bolsters the knowledge and understanding of insurance among super fund staff, encouraging more informed conversations with members. As changes in regulation focus industry attention on member engagement, quality education has never been more important,” she said.

TAL Insurance Academy’s learning modules include a four-part insurance overview series, and introductions to group insurance and underwriting. The modules can be accessed and downloaded by registered partners from TAL’s Group HQ learning library at any time and additional questions can be answered by TAL’s technical team through their “Ask an expert” feature.

New events, eLearning modules and content will be developed as part of the TAL Insurance Academy based on feedback from partners and participants.

“Through TAL Insurance Academy, we will offer our superfund partners a customisable learning experience with bespoke education pathways suited to their needs.

“TAL Insurance Academy follows on from the success of TAL Risk Academy, our industry-leading financial adviser education program. Both programs were developed to support our superfund and adviser partners in making more informed decisions when dealing with their members and clients.

“Education is a cornerstone of our industry and, as a specialist insurer, TAL is proud to take a leading role in educating our partners for the benefit of all Australians,” Ms Oliver said.

TAL Insurance Academy’s initial eLearning modules are now available on Group HQ – TAL’s group insurance resource centre – on any device and at any time, putting insurance training in the hands of TAL’s partners. The interactive modules form part of a series of digital improvements planned for Group HQ, reflecting TAL’s commitment to continually strengthen its digital technology.

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