How Critical Illness Cover lets you concentrate on getting better

How Critical Illness Cover lets you concentrate on getting better. 

If you’ve ever been treated for a critical illness, or know someone who has, you’re probably aware that bills can take on a whole new dimension. But if you’re really sick, the last thing you want to be thinking about is your finances.  
The lump-sum payment from your Critical Illness Cover means if you’re diagnosed with something life changing, you can pay off your mortgage; cover gap payments your health insurance doesn’t include; or simply replace the income you’re not earning. There are actually no restrictions on what you can spend the payment on. 
Most importantly, you can stop work and concentrate on getting better – that’s what Critical Illness Cover is designed for.

What illnesses does it cover? 

Most claims for Critical Illness Cover are for cancer, heart attack or stroke. However you could also be covered for serious injuries like blindness and loss of hearing, neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis and organ disorders such as chronic kidney failure.  

How to get Critical Illness Cover

You can easily add this type of insurance to a general life insurance plan, or purchase it as a standalone product. However due to the laws around super, Critical Illness Cover is not available through your super fund. 

How much will Recovery Insurance cost?

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