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TAL Superannuation Limited (the “Trustee”) is the Trustee of the TAL Superannuation and Insurance Fund (or “Fund”). The Fund provides choices about superannuation and insurance which looks after the financial wellbeing of over 60,000 Australians. 

We are pleased to publish the following information about the Trustee and the Fund.

Important Information

Constituent and Associated Documents

Trustee’s Constitution
The governing document of the Trustee.

Trustee’s Board Charter
Sets out the role, responsibilities, authority and membership of the Trustee’s Board, and the protocols for Board meetings. Section 6 of the Board Charter sets the rules for the appointment, removal and replacement of Directors.   

Trustee’s Financial Statements
A written report of the financial condition of the Trustee, which includes a balance sheet and income statement for the financial year ended on 31st March.

Fund’s Trust Deed
The set of rules about the management of the Fund, including what the Trustee can and can’t do.

Fund’s Financial Statements
A written report of the financial condition of the Fund for the financial year ended on 30th September.


Disclosure Documents

Current Product Disclosure Statements 

Information about your TAL superannuation product, including benefits and risks, costs, and the fees and charges that TAL receives.

TAL Risk-Only Super Plan
TAL Employee Insurance Plan
TAL Staff Superannuation Plan
PrefSure and Partner Insurance
Lumley Life Limited (1993 - 1995)
Lumley Life Limited (1996 - 2003)

Latest Annual Reports
Information about the management, financial condition and investment performance of the Fund.

ARC Master Trust
Personal Superannuation
Whole of Life  and  Endowment

If you are looking for Disclosure Documents for a classic product that is not listed here, please call us on 1800 155 600, Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 5.30pm (AEST/AEDT). Or email us and we will be happy to send you a copy.


Material Changes and Significant Events

November 2016
Members with an Accrued Default Amount in an ARC Master Trust or Easy Super Product. 
ADA Transfer from 14/2/17

August 2017
TAL Super Fund members whom were notified by mail of the transfer of policy ownership from TAL Superannuation and Investment Fund to Mercer Superannuation (Australia) Limited.
Significant Event Notice sent to members
Policy Upgrade Booklet

September 2017
Changes to the ARC, whole of life and endowment products effective from 1 October 2017.
ARC Products
Whole of Life and Endowment Products 

November 2017
Changes to the PSP products effective from 1 December 2017.
Significant Event Notice

October 2018
Changes to investment options effective from 30 November 2018.
ARC Master Trust
IT Super
ARC Classic Super Series 1 and 2
ARC Classic Super Series 3
ARC Classic Super Series 4

Directors and Executive Officers

Peter J. Lewinsky

Independent Chairperson
Appointed 01/05/14

Peter Lewinsky has conducted an advisory practice over the last 22 years, providing strategic, financial and governance advice to a wide range of public and private companies and government. He is an experienced government, not-for-profit and private sector company director and has chaired a number of Audit Committees. Prior to commencing his practice, Peter, a qualified Chartered Accountant, worked for investment banks and stockbroking firms in Australia and overseas.

Over the last 24 years, Peter has also advised Victorian, South Australian, Tasmanian, ACT and Federal governments, on a range of privatisation, industry re-structuring and industry reform issues. He is currently retained by the Department of Human Services, Primary Industries, Business and Innovation, and Sustainability & Environment in Victoria, for a range of assignments. 

Brett Clark

B.Com, FIA
Group CEO & Managing Director

Brett Clark joined TAL in August 2008 as CEO of TAL Retail Life, responsible for TAL’s life insurance operations for the retail financial advice market. In May 2013, Brett was appointed CEO of TAL Life with responsibility across TAL’s Retail Life, Group Life, investments and financial advice businesses. 

In April 2015, Brett was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of TAL.

A qualified actuary with previous experience in a range of senior executive roles over many years, Brett has deep industry knowledge across a broad range of functions including strategy, finance, sales, product and marketing, and operations, in both the Australian and international insurance markets. He brings a considered and commercial approach to insurance markets and leadership across TAL, with its evolving and innovative diversified life insurance business. 

Brett is Chairperson of Affinia Financial Advisers, TAL’s financial advice business and Chairperson of Lifebroker, TAL’s digital comparison business. Brett is also a member of the FSC Life Board Committee.

Anne Clarke 

Non-Executive Director
Appointed 5/12/16

Anne Clarke joined TAL in September 2015 as Chief General Counsel and is responsible for Legal, Company Secretary and Office of the Trustee. Her role is to support TAL in achieving its business objectives within the regulatory and legal environment, providing broad strategic advice and managing important regulatory relationships. 

Anne has over 25 years’ experience in financial services, starting her legal career in the financial services practice at Mallesons Stephen Jacques (now King Wood Mallesons) and moving from private practice (Herbert Smith Freehills) to join AMP in 2014.

During her time in private practice, Anne was named as a leading practitioner in Best Lawyers for a number of years.

Anne is highly regarded in the financial services industry for both her technical legal skills, and her ability to operate and communicate at senior executive, board and regulator levels. She has also earned a reputation for having a comprehensive knowledge of the commercial and industry framework.

Roslyn E. Ramwell 

Independent Director
Appointed 01/10/14

Roslyn Ramwell was the CEO of a large corporate superannuation fund for 12 years prior to joining TAL, and is very experienced in all aspects of superannuation. She is a Life Member of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Limited, having served as a director for 12 years, and chaired the Finance & Risk Committee for six years.

Roslyn has a Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance and extensive experience in this area. She has experience in both the government and private sectors, having worked for QSuper and the Insurance and Superannuation Commission (now APRA). 

Stephen W. Graham 

BBus, GradDipEmpRel, Dip Law
Executive Officer
Appointed 29/10/07

Stephen Graham is a corporate governance professional who has more than 20 years’ experience in the superannuation and insurance industries. He has wide-ranging expertise in the fields of compliance, risk management and trustee services, and holds degree qualifications in commerce and law.

Stephen joined TAL in 2007 as the Trustee Advocate and heads the Office of the Trustee. In this role, he is responsible for the strategic and governance functions of the Trustee as well as championing the interests of members. This includes advising on and approving death and disability claims. 

Stephen has drawn on his experience and expertise to design, implement and oversee significant fund, product and system amalgamation projects for the Trustee , as well as prepare the Trustee’s response to the MySuper and StrongerSuper reforms. Stephen is an industry thought-leader, contributing to journal articles and presentations, and is a member of industry bodies.


Attendance at Trustee Board meetings since 1 April 2011
Information about the remuneration of Directors and Executive Officers


Conflict Management Arrangements

As TAL Life and TAL Services are related bodies corporate to the Trustee, the strategic partnership between them generates the following organisational conflicts:

  1. TAL Life is directly paid by members to provide TASL with administration services and insurance policies.

  2. TAL Services is indirectly paid by members to provide secondees, corporate services and facilities to TASL and TAL Life under a facilities agreement. 

These conflicts, and the personal conflicts of the Trustee’s Directors and Executive Officers are documented in its Registers of Relevant Interests and Duties.

The Trustee has implemented a Conflicts Management Policy which requires it to adopt a four-stage approach to effectively manage organisational conflicts:

  1. Identify conflicts relating to its business.

  2. Assess and evaluate those conflicts.

  3. Decide upon and implement an appropriate response to those conflicts which may include controlling, avoiding and/or disclosing the conflict. And,

  4. Report on and monitor conflicts.

The Conflict Management Policy also requires Directors to:

  1. Disclose conflicts to all interested parties

  2. Abstain from participating in making decisions that may be, or be seen to be affected by, the conflict, or

  3. Remove the conflict.


How the Fund works

The Trustee, TAL Life Limited ABN 70 050 109 450 (TAL Life) and TAL Services Limited ABN 60 076 105 130 (TAL Services) work in a strategic partnership where:

  • Members’ benefits in the Fund are wholly invested in life insurance policies issued by TAL Life
  •  TAL Life is the Fund’s administrator and provides investment services, and
  • TAL Services provides corporate services and facilities to the Trustee and TAL Life which include seconded employees, floor space and information technology.

As the Fund is wholly invested in insurance policies:

  • The Trustee does not have any proxy voting rights it can exercise on behalf of members, and
  • The Fund provides abridged financial reporting to members.

All benefits payments are made subject to the superannuation law and the Fund's governing rules. Details are documented in the TAL Superannuation Death Benefits brochure.

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